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Kelly K. Stewart


"You can’t depend on your eyes if your imagination is out of focus" ~ Mark Twain


Harp Teaching And Performance

Kelly Stewart is a harpist who loves to teach and perform all types of music. She has extensive backgrounds in classical, historical, and traditional music alike. Her teaching and performing encompasses all aspects of harps, harp playing and instruction. Kelly holds a Bachelor’s degree in Classical Performance from the University of Georgia and a Master’s Diploma in Traditional Musicology and Triple Harp Performance from the University of North Wales. Kelly is also a US National Scottish Harp Champion, winning the competition in 2011. Her playing has been heard from the southern states to the radio programs of Wales and England. Some of her past performances include the GPTV special Arts in Georgia, the Atlanta Celtic Festival, Theatre Gael of Atlanta, The Atlanta Celtic Christmas Concert, and the Gwyl Cerdd Dant Festival in North Wales, broadcast on BBC radio. She performs widely on classical, triple, folk, wire and bray harps.

The teaching studio is her daily work and love. Students are encouraged to perform several times a year, both solo and in amateur and semi-professional ensembles. Their competition record is outstanding, having won nearly every place they have competed for in the past ten years. Students study music history, theory and arranging in addition to harp technique and repertoire. In addition to her teaching and performing, Kelly’s other harp related activities include recording and studio work, teaching at workshops and conferences, and arranging for the harp. She has recorded two solo albums and is a guest artist on many more. Kelly is currently recording her third album, and is also writing a book of arrangements designed for students looking to compete in traditional music competitions.

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email: tripleharp@gmail.com
phone: 404-395-8133